Company History
2018 We focus on the data collection, big data management and the intelligent cloud software management for the industry 4.0 market. For the iCloud solar system, we are the most famous system integrator in Taiwan. We already install more than 800 power factories in global.
2017 Focus on the solar system development. We can integrate with different kind of inverters such as Delta, Haco, AE、Schneider、Satcon ..etc more than 15 brands of inverter. We already integrated more than 400 solar fields.
2016 Because of the Industry 4.0. We Cooperate fully with the ERP, MES, SPC different fields company. OPCTechs provides the data collection with different kind of equipments and integrate with these software. We also provide the automation fields APP development.
2015 With 4 years development. We already successfully to install 3 huge corporation with the solar cloud system and the wind cloud system. Which can help our users to analysis or predict the future wind power.
2014 Because of so many cases need to write the tag value into the database. We develop the OPC to DB software to be our product which can easily manipulate the OPC Server and various Database. We also develop the OPC Server to the GSM modem which can help the users to send the message to the cell phone.
2012-2013 We focus on the variaty inverters driver development in solar system and set up the solar system in the whole Taiwan. With opc server to solve the communication issues and we develop the complete web interface for our customers.
2011 We start to focus on the solar and wind power system with XML OPC Server. Because of the cases needed, OPCTechs develop the XML OPC to OPC DA software converter. It can convert all of the OPC XML to OPC DA 2.0,2.04,2.05,3.0.
2010 Developed more than 90+ WinCE 6.0 out process OPC Server. It could let the users design the multi-programs and connect with the opc server in WinCE environment. Some hardare maker combine our WinXP and WinCE OPC server together to sell all over the world.
2009 Becasue of the price lower down for the WinCE 5.0 hardwre, we start to develop the OPC CE inprocess OPC Server. Some of the panel maker start to combine their HMI software with OPCTechs WinCE OPC Server.
2008 Cooperate with OPCTI (OPC Trainninig Institute) in Taiwan maket. OPCTI willing to use OPCTechs OPC Server as the teaching material in Asia market.
  Our sister company Sunware start to distribute Iconics all products in Taiwan.
  So many hardware maker bundle OPCTechs OPC Server as a standard product. It's the OPC Gateway concept.
2007 In January, OPCTechs joined OPC Foundation.
Signed up an agreement with well-known industrial computer maker for distributing the driver with the IPC worldwide.
Signed up an agreement with CPDC (CHINA PETROCHEMICAL DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION) for integrating SCADA with PLC.
Partnership with OPCTI, OPC Training Institute, to provide OPCTechs’.
2006 Signed up an agreement with Ebara Corporation for developing customized OPC Server, SCADA and special ActiveX trend software.
Signed up an agreement with IKEA for upgrading light control system.
Signed up an agreement with Formosa Petrochemical Corp. for integrating SCADA with PLC (York air- conditioning). Also, we established the power saving system for Formosa.
2005 Signed up a 2 years agreement with BrainChild Corp. to develop 60 WinCE OPC Servers. The application will be bundled with BrainChild's HMI products to sell all over the world.
Established stations power monitoring system for Taipei MRT system.
Signed up an agreement with Chunghwa Telecom for upgrading pre-smoke detecting system.
Signed up an agreement with The Industrial Technology Research Institute for collecting data from PLC.
2004 Signed up an agreement with ADLink for developing an OPC Server as their OEM program. The application was distributed all over the world together with ADLink’s Daqbench products.
Signed up an agreement with Nanya Technology Corporation for designing one Port and two Port Multi-Gateway.
Signed up an agreement with CHINA STEEL CORPORATION for integrating SCADA with PLC (York air- conditioning).
2003 Signed up partnership with ABB for planning and executing projects together. Since then, OPCTechs becomes the solution partner of ABB. We co-operated a lot of specific cases in different automation fields.
Develop two demo ETC microwave system for Telecommunication Laboratories.
Another agreement has been signed with MOXA for developing SNMP OPC Server to bundle with MOXA switches to distributed together.
2002 Signed up the agreement with Advantech to develop the PID loop control firmware in ADAM6022 and ADAM4022 hardware and sold all over the world.
Signed up partnership with MOXA for developing gateway firmware used in converting Modbus serial protocol into Modbus TCP and distribute the firmware with DE-6110 hardware worldwide.
Signed up the distribution with Si Automation for SECS Package used in IT and TFT industry.
2001 OPCTechs becomes a leading company to manufacturing and distributing OPC Server to the major players of PLC, Industrial PC & HMI, etc. in Taiwan.
Signed up partnership with Honeywell for planning and executing projects of different fields, such as Water management Company, hydraulic co. , steel industry and petrochemical industry. Since then, OPCTechs becomes the authorized system integrator of Honeywell.
2000 Signed up the agreement with Advantech for developing OPC Server to bundle with IPC to distribute all over the world.
Signed up an agreement with Yea Shin Development Co. Ltd for establishing the monitoring systems in a commercial building. It is the very beginning in Taiwan to use automation technology in construction industry. Later on, automation technology became basic elements in modern buildings.
1999 In April, OPCTechs Technology Corp. (formerly called Sunware Information Corp.) was established as a system integrator for Taiwan domestic market.