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Powerful Omron Multi-Gateway is implemented in the Crystal factory

Project Introduction:

My customer asked for retrieving the data from Omron PLC to the PC.There are for about 200 various types of Omron PLC in the crystal factory. There is only one RS232 port for data transmission in all of the Omron PLC and the port was occupied by HMI. Most of Omron PLC does not have more slot to insert the serial or Ethernet module. Even the space is not enough for extension the PLC.

Besides, the key point is the factory is running every second. We can not ask for stop the machine and PLC for inserting the communication module. So we use Multi-Gateway to setup the system without power off the PLC.


System Requirement:

Omron Multi-Gateway

DC24V power supply

Cables connect to PLC, PC and HMI


System Diagram:

System Description:

Using Multi-Gateway to share the data for HMI and PC,it can solve the single serial port problem. You can also convert the serial information to the Ethernet through the network. You will not feel the data transmission speed is slow down if the communication data is not so much. The powerful reasons for using the Multi-Gateway is you do not have to power off the PLC to setup any module. You also do not have to write any PLC code or programming code for implement. Just let Multi-Gateway connect with PC, PLC and HMI. The task is over.



Most factory equipments are PLC-based and use serial communication ports. These are usually independent systems. When they want to extend the communication ability, it always suffer from the lack of the extension ability. .We provide multi-gateway for solving the lack of extension serial ports problem. We provide multi-gateway to instead of the expensive Ethernet PLC module.