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Cannonry Compel Birds System for Military (Goushi Airport)

Project Introduction:

In the airports, the birds always gather together and flying beyond the airport sky. When the airplane departures board or landed, the lives for the passengers are in danger. This is a very serious problem for all of the airports in the world. My customer developed the cannonry to compel the birds and prevent the birds imbibed into the engine of the plane. We got to design the percussion hardware module for the cannonry and the software system. All of the communication protocol should be encode and decode.


System Requirement:

1 set of SCADA (special function)

Encrypt Modbus OPCtechs OPC Server

Wireless Ethernet modules

2 pieces of Percussion hardware module for the cannonry

2 pieces of motor control modules


System Diagram:


There are so many special cases with high interest in the world. Te more difficulty, the better price it goes. This is a very typical case for high interest. In this case, we got to develop the hardware for saving the electricity and solve the communication problems. My customer inquire all of the communication should be encoded and decoded by the hardware and the software. The DATABASE should follow the 3DES encode rules to be encrypted. When the first case was done, it’s stable and my customer applied for the copyright. The system will use in all of the commercial airports and the military airports in the world.