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Powerful OPC Server Combine with SCADA and Alarm Call Out System

Project Introduction:

My customer want to monitor all of the signals in the whole factory. They need an alarm system which is monitoring all of the signals. If the value over the limitation, the software will call out through the telephone and inform the operator to manage the emergency events.


System Requirement:

Because various brands of independent PLC systems were used, the customer wanted to build an integrated monitoring system without replacing any existing systems. The most-recommended network solution for data sharing and exchange is an Ethernet network. A web-enabled monitoring system should allow staff to access real-time data from on-site equipment anywhere, anytime. To run an operation without interruption, a redundant operating system is required.

Project Implementation:

The following is a complete list of all products used in this project.

System Diagram:


There are so many devices need to be integrated in the factory. Most of the system integrator or end user use SCADA to complete these task. But sometimes the SCADA can not solve the specific function. We use OPC Server to be the communication base to connect with devices and SCADA. If we need more function to compensate the SCADA. We use VB, .NET or BCB to design the OPC Client program and combine with SCADA. The call out system is one of the OPC integration cases.