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Powerful AB DF1 OPC Server is implemented in the PCB factory

Project Introduction:

In PCB fields, the recipe control process is very important for production.Users should input 15 levels of temperature, time and pressure parameters for the control process. If the parameters key in wrong, it will lost a lot. So my customer needs a prediction “Trend chart” before the process goes through. There is not any SCADA exist this function. So we use c++ Builder combine with OPC to complete this task. And the rest of the functions we use the Intouch SCADA to implement.


System Requirement:

AB SLC DF1 OPC server

Intouch SCADA


Style Diagram:

System Description:

We use three sets of OPC server install in three different industry PCs. We use Intouch SCADA to be the SCADA and implement most of the function. We also use C++ Builder to implement the prediction “Trend Chart” in this system. Because of the high compatibility of the OPCTechs OPC Server between the programming language and the SCADA, this PCB case was finished efficient and smooth.



You can use SCADA to complete most of the cases. But if you feel the function is no way for the SCADA or the function is very difficult for SDADA. We suggest you to use OPC Server and programming language to support the SCADA. The diagram shows you the prediction trend chart.